BUTLER® brand is built on innovation and attention to the customer requirements. We are committed to deliver buildings on time, leak-proof and with complete safety, so that our customers meet their business goals. These commitments are helping us in achieving a remarkably high repeat customer rate.
To move towards excellence, we have developed several product advantages collectively known as "THE BUTLER® DIFFERENCE". We have tried to share some information about BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS in this brochure, to show how we can match up with your expectations and fit in your needs for a E-engineered building perfectly. Discover what a difference "THE BUTLER® DIFFERENCE" can make for your building.

Shot Blasted Frame

Truly floating standing seam roof system
MR-24® roof clip allows roof to expand and contract with changing temperatures. The highest thermal movement of roof clip negates the need for an expansion joint upto 500 ft in double slope buildings, which assures long term leak-proof performance.

Rod Bracing

For a truly E-engineered building
All secondary structural members are pre-punched for fixing the roof clips, structural components and accessories accurately. The pre-punched system does not require extensive field modifications and helps to provide an error-free building.

CEE-plus™ and ZED -plus™

Assures leak-tight performance
The BUTLER® sealant has been developed by the BUTLER® Research and Development Centre. It has a higher butyl rubber percentage that enables leak-tight sealing at the joints.

Roof Openings & Curbs

Fully engineered
BUTLER® roof curbs are designed to float along with the roof system to give leak proof and maintenance free life for much longer time than any other building system.

Stronger Fasteners

Maintains Incredible Strength
SCRUBOLT™ is another reason for BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS to perform much better than any building system. The fasteners are designed to take twice the pull out strength than any conventional fastener.

Pre-punched system

For superior corrosion resistance
BUTLER® BUILDING SYSTEMS comes with high tensile galvanised steel purlin and girt with a coating mass of 120 gsm for better strength and corrosion resistance. The purlins are designed and their shape is modified & tested over a number of years

Sky Web II

For better paint adhesion
Our frames are thorough blast cleaned by shot blasting method (an optional feature) to achieve surface preparation upto SA- 2.5 to receive a coat or primer, which protects the steel from corrosion.

Sky Web II

For solid reinforcement
The BUTLER® steel rod bracings with Clevis Assembly and Turn buckle does not stretch or deform during or after installation. These specially designed rod bracings do not require retightening multiple times during erection and retain their original strength and tightness.

Sky Web II

For better air circulation
LOUVREMAX™ system is a specially designed water resistant louvre, an outcome of years of experience and extensive research, which delivers the best ventilation performance.

Sky Web II

Assures complete peace of mind
SKYWEB II® Passive Restraint System
The mandatory use of personal protection equipments, use of SKY-WEB® II fall protection system, usage of boom lifts, telescopic cranes and regular training of erection crew enables us to complete projects in a safe manner.