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MR-24® Roof System

with 10 years leak proof warranty *
The MR-24® Roof System is like a monolithic steel membrane, covering your entire building. The panels are joined together with a Pittsburgh double-lock standing seam, and fastened to the purlins with the unique clip formed into the seam. Independent surveys show that the MR-24® Roof System is the most specified standing seam roof on the market, with two billion square feet installed since its introduction in 1969.

MR 24 Roof Clip

MR 24 Roof Clip (A) Weather-tight Side Lap Seam
The Tightest Seam for Leak-proof Performance
MR-24® Roof System is the only standing seam roof system where the critical 180° of the roof panel seam is mechanically field-rolled to complete a 360° double-lock seam, thus creating the tightest seam available today. Panels of other roof systems may be simply snapped together or crimped, leaving them too weak to withstand foot traffic, wind, etc. Inside the seam, factory applied sealant is another layer of protection against leakage, which assures weather tightness in even the most unforgiving conditions.

MR 24 Roof Clip (B) Panel End Lap Splice: Fully engineered splice
(B) (i). Weather Tightness:
Weather-tight panel end lap splices are made with stainless steel studs, factory-welded to a back-up plate and then inserted through factory, pre-punched panel holes. A butyl rubber tape sealant is applied on the bottom panel before the top panel and then panel strap is installed. Stainless steel flange nuts secure the panel strap to assure a weather tight connection.

MR 24 Roof Clip (B) (ii). Splice support directly over purlin:
On wider buildings, roof panels are placed end-to-end, creating splice. Mostly, competitors allow their splices to occur in midair - without direct structural support. Installers, other roof traffic, rain-water weight, etc. will push down on midair splices and cause strain on the splice, providing opportunity for the splice to open. MR-24® Roof System prevents this by designing splice locations to occur directly over supporting steel.

MR 24 Roof Clip (B) (iii). Staggered end laps:
Most manufacturers locate panel splices at exactly the same position across the entire roof. This creates a condition where four panel corners must be joined at the same location, making it almost impossible to seal and keep weather tight. MR-24® Roof System staggers the panel splices to avoid this condition, to assure weather tightness and to provide a stronger and superior roof system.

(B) (iv) Sealant:
Another unique feature of the MR-24® sealant is the use of nylon spacer beads which assure that sealant is retained within the splice and not over-compressed. The higher elasticity of a butyl rubber tape sealant ensures long term leak proof performance at joints.

MR 24 Roof Clip

MR 24 Roof Clip

Truly Floating MR-24® Roof System
Metal roofs expand and contract with daily and seasonal temperature changes. The MR-24® Roof Clip is carefully designed to provide a positive attachment and allows the roof to move freely in both directions. Without this mobility, the roof panels would tug and pull on the clip, a process that will eventually cut into the roof panels, pull out the fasteners or damage the clip, causing the building to be vulnerable to leaks and wind damage.
The unique features of MR-24® Roof Clip are:
(A) The concave surface of clips ensures that it will not pierce the roof panel during thermal movement.
(B) A triangular bar with thin cadmium coating provides a smooth surface for tab movement.
(C) High strength stainless steel tab is 50% stronger than most other standing seam roof system tabs.

Factory Punching

For a truly E-engineered steel building
Pre-punched purlins ensure precise alignment of side laps. The alignment of side laps are necessary for proper seaming of side laps and uniform thermal movement of the roof system. It also enhances the aesthetics of the roof system. Since the panels, purlins and components are factory punched, field measurement and drilling is not required. This results in faster installation of roof system.

Weather tight seams

The gable trim is seamed into the roof. This means, there are no fasteners in flat of the panels. This unique gable trim design allows the roof system to expand and contract, which ensures long term leak-proof performance.

Slice support

BUTLER® building roof curbs are designed to precise details, developed over number of years of experience, giving leak-proof and maintenance-free life for much longer time than any other building system. The unique features of BUTLER® roof curbs are
a. The roof curb and roof accessories are not fixed to the purlins below and hence roof curb allows the roof system for thermal expansion and contraction.
b. The use of diverter flashings prevents ponding on the high side of the roof curbs this minimises risk of leakages.
c. It uses fewer exposed fasteners at the front of the diverter. All other fasteners are internal.

Staggered Panel Splices

To maintain structural integrity and weather tightness, specially designed accessories are available for all BUTLER® building roof systems.

A full range of accessories including SKY-WEB® II fall protection system, BUTLER Lite-Panl™ translucent roof panels, vents, curbs, flashings, skylights, roof hatches as well as various gutter & trims options, complete the offering and keep your building attractive and functional for years.

Staggered Panel Splices